How to Create a Website for Business – A Complete Guide

In this digital world of the internet, mobiles, laptops, computers and tablets, online presence has become very important. If you want to grow your business, you need to promote it. Using social media platforms to get the attention is just one step towards your goal.

To be honest, we cannot deny the fact that we don’t trust an organization if it doesn’t have a website of its own. What is the first thing that we do when we want to know more about a specific company? We browse about it on the internet. Don’t we?

A website is the mirror image of your company’s status and reputation, it is a place where everything is in one place, sorted and organized.

How to create a website?
Follow these steps to create your own website.

Domain name
· The first step is creating your unique domain name.

· A domain name appears like “xyz.com” and you need to visit a registrar to pay for the name you chose.

· They are easy for people to register in their brains.

· They are used in a URL to identify certain web pages.

Select a web host and create an account
· A web host is a service provider who provides you all the services required to post your website on the internet.

· When a user wants to search you on the internet, the only thing he needs to do is type your domain and it will connect to the server making it available to him through the browser.

Designing web pages
· This is the most fun part while creating your website. It’s all about how appealing your website looks.

· If you have the knowledge of HTML and CSS you can design your own website. If not, you can hire a web designer to create one. This reduces a burden from your shoulders and now you can give more time to think about the different ways to attract an audience to your website.

· You can also use some free web editors available at the tip of your fingertips.

· Make sure you make your website mobile friendly so that it works both on large screens of laptops and computers as well as on small screens of mobiles and tablets.

How to make money from websites?
This question haunts many people and here you have your doubts solved,

1. You can advertise on your websites. A website with ads is a good source of revenue.

2. Affiliate programs help you get noticed with additional benefits of getting leads. You can earn bucks!

3. To build a brand you need to experiment with your website.

4. You need to build contacts so that gradually you can increase your website traffic.

5. Keep your website updated and fresh.

6. Email marketing can also help you a lot. It is a direct way to get potential clients.

How to attract attention to the website?
· A website is as good as crap if no one visits it. So, understanding your “specific” target audience is important.

· When your site is ready to go on the web, you need to submit it to the search engines. The most common and extensively used search engine is Chrome.

· Others like Yahoo, Firefox and Bing are also some great options.

· These search engines are absolutely free and therefore the task of promoting your website becomes very easy.

· Other ways to get your site noticed are conventional methods like word of mouth, newspapers, cold calling etc.

If you want to do big things you need to change. Change is the only constant.

You can find professionally designed templates on the web which will help you build a website free of cost.

Creating a website is just one side of the coin. The important thing is what after creating it?

You should be aware of how to create a website and sell it. A good and rich content, excellent marketing strategies and valuing your existing customers to widen your customer base are primary.

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